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Show Rules

1.         That the Show Committee shall choose the judges and that the judges’ decisions shall in all cases be final.

2.         That the judges shall have the power to withhold any prizes or awards if, in their opinion, exhibits are not of sufficient merit.

3.         That all questions which do not come under the jurisdiction of the judges shall be settled by the Show Committee.

4.         That the Show Committee shall be responsible for the arrangement of classes. Only stewards appointed by the Show Committee will be allowed to accompany the judges whilst they are making the awards.

5.         That completed entry forms together with the appropriate remittance should be in the possession of the Show Committee by 8pm on Thursday 8th September.  Late entries may be submitted up to 12 noon on Friday 9th September on payment of the late entry fee. No late entries will be accepted on the day of the Show. 

6.         That all exhibits must be staged between 8am and 11am on the day of the Show. Members of the public must leave the hall no later than this time.

7.         That exhibitors must provide their own containers and display accessories unless otherwise specified in the Schedule.

8.         That all exhibits must remain on display until 4pm on the day of the Show at which time the Show closes.

9.         That all exhibits, excluding floral art material, must be the property of the exhibitor and must have been grown, raised, produced or made solely by the exhibitor.

10.      That all floral art classes will be judged under current NAFAS rules (except that all entries may be pre-assembled), that all flower classes will be judged under current RHS rules and that all vegetable classes, except classes 56, 57 and 58, will be judged under current NVS rules. Classes 56, 57 and 58 will be judged on size factors only.  Children’s exhibits will not be disqualified for technical infringements of rules but may be downpointed.

11.      That all photographs must be the exhibitor’s own work.  Previous entries gaining 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes at Swanland Show are not acceptable.

12.      That any exhibitor has the right to lodge an objection to any exhibit before 3pm on the day of the Show on payment to the Show Committee of 50p, which shall be returned if the objection is upheld.

13.      That the Show Committee shall have the right to disqualify any exhibit or exhibitsif the  bonafides of the exhibits are in doubt.

14.      That the cups and awards will be presented at approximately 3.30pm on the day of the Show.

15.      That any exhibit remaining unclaimed after 5pm on the day of the Show may be sold for the benefit of Show funds unless the Show Committee has received instructions to the contrary from the exhibitor.

16.      That no exhibitor shall touch, move or otherwise interfere with the exhibits of another exhibitor.  Where exhibits need to be moved in order to create additional display space, a member of the Show Committee should be invited to perform this task.

17.      That all reasonable precautions will be taken by the Show Committee to prevent loss or damage to exhibitors’ property, but that the Committee cannot be held responsible for such loss or damage, howsoever caused.

18.      That Classes 56, 57 and 58 will be limited to a maximum of one entry per class per exhibitor.

19.      That, excepting Classes 56, 57, 58 and the Residents’ Section, an exhibitor may stage a maximum of two entries in any one class (subject to payment of the appropriate entry fees).  Entries must be submitted in the name of a single exhibitor only – no jointly named entries are allowed.  Children may enter any class.

20.      RESIDENTS’ SECTION (see Classes 1- 9) is for exhibitors who ordinarily reside within the parish boundaries of Swanland.  Exhibitors are limited to a maximum of one entry per class.  The Millennium Shield will be presented to the overall points winner of this section.  For classes in this section first place counts 5 points, second place – 4 points, third place – 3 points, commended – 2 points and any unplaced entry – 1 point.



1.         Labelling of the flower and vegetable varieties exhibited, for example by the use of name cards, provides added interest to visitors and fellow exhibitors.

2.         Please use plain lids and jars (no advertising) for preserves and jam classes. Recycled lids may also cause flavour contamination.

3.         Whenever possible, please place your exhibit cards face down when staging so that your exhibitor number remains unseen by the judge.

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